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Belgian Inspired - No Rules - Just Great Beer

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Turn It Up

The Beer

A unique ale brewed with local honey and dry hopped with Mosaic hops. This deceptively strong, yet easy drinking Belgian-style Imperial IPA, starts with intense aromas, floral and citrus flavors, and finishes with just the right amount of hop bite.
ABV- 8.8%

The Name

Named after one of our favorite trails at the CamRock trail system in Cambridge, WI. Turn it Up.... The first true taste of turns and climbs in the CamRock trail system. Heart rates get "turned up" by the initial sustained climb, followed a series of flowy turns, limestone lined descents and pitches, all linked together by ribbon  of the dark dirt that MTB riders in Southern WI have come to cherish.

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Tripel 8

The Beer

Brewed with no extra sugars and a mix of all Belgian Pilsen, Wheat & Biscuit malts this beer is a unique take on the Belgian-style tripel. This beer as a slightly spicy and bready nose followed by a fruity balance of spice and finishes not dry but with a slight caramel sweetness.
ABV - 8%

The Name

One of the 1st beers we brewed this Tripel has evolved from a standard fare tripel to the unique beer you see today. Many years ago we had it on tap at a summer party and simply wrote 8% on the tap handle to warn people the beer was a bit high in ABV for a summer day. Well, no one quite got the point and before long the keg was empty and we were on our way to a wild summer party. From that day forward everyone remembered the beer as Tripel 8.


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CSB Program

What is a CSA? Community Supported Agriculture.

What is a CSB? Community Supported Brewery. The community buys shares and in turn supports local production of their favorite beer. 

Sunshine has partnered with Rock Lake Organics to brings its members the very best in a CSA/CSB Partnership.

How does the CSB program work?

Just like a CSA, you can choose the membership option that works best for you. We offer weekly and bi-weekly options. Your bombers will be delivered or picked up along with your CSA share.

You will receive our latest and greatest beer in the quantity option that you choose, 1 bomber or 2. Not enough? We offer discounts on additional bombers, so you can get as much Sunshine as you need! Simply send us a note and we’ll add it to your delivery. 

The season will run June - October to mirror the CSA season. If you feel like you just can’t make it without your CSB membership after October, don’t worry, there will be new options offered to continue your membership at the end of this season.

What are the benefits of the CSB program?

  • You will be saving money, about $1.00 per bomber! What a deal!
  • Early access to new brews! 
  • Invite to our Annual Harvest Party

About Us

Sunshine Brewing Company crafts unique beers for adventurous people in the Belgian brewing traditions. Like our Belgian brethren we set out to create beers that are complex in aromas and flavors providing a sublime drinking experience with no care for style or categorization.

Founded by Lane and Sherry Smith in 2017, Sunshine Brewing Company (SBC) has been a dream in the making for over a decade. Having moved from San Diego, CA in 2006 at the birth of the craft beer movement we brought with us our thirst for locally produced beers along with our never ending quest for adventure.

Lane has been home-brewing since 2007 and recently achieved the Craft Brewing Certification from Madison Area Technical College. With this in hand we knew it was time to build the dream and start our own brewery. 

Throughout the years we have always been drawn to the beers of Belgium and we are excited to bring these incredible flavors to Wisconsin.